The company «Termosyst» Ltd. was the first company in Bulgaria in 1992 which introduced the well-known advanced technology company DAIKIN, patented under the abbreviation VRV (1982). We offer a wide range of products and air-conditioning systems of new generations, specially designed to meet the challenges of comfortable air conditioning. They allow significant savings in primary energy at maximum exemption of the building and the required installation space and volumes, which were mandatory under the old type systems.

With our huge experience in the design, supplying and installation of this type of air conditioning systems, today the company is the undisputed leader in the sector and already has installed more than a thousand VRV systems with total heating capacity of 58 MW. Development and design of traditional air conditioning systems with an intermediate coolant are also unique in design intent scheme solution and quality of use of machines and materials.

«Termosyst» Ltd. has teams of experts who understand the needs of their customers and possess the necessary qualifications and experience. The client provides an opportunity to get advice on the design and selection of equipment, installation and sales and after-sales services, technical information and guarantees. We provide innovative and high quality systems and solutions ensuring the quality, reliability and meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

The primary unit of the company is a team of nineteen graduate engineers with specializations "Industrial Heat" (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), "Refrigeration" and "Automatic adjustment", as they are fully qualified. The design work is done by highly qualified business professionals using modern equipment and software complies with all modern operating regulations. The total number of qualified personnel of the company is 130 people.

In 1992 «Termosyst" first introduced in Bulgaria so-called BIN method for analyzing the energy consumption of the installation solution and showed that in the process of designing a final decision is multivariate task and that the criteria for the different sites are different. In early 2003 we received the license to operate in the UAE and the region. The new company registration is "Termosyst Gulf International» Ltd. and has the same activity and headquartered in Dubai. From the winter of 2005, its logo and emblem are trademarks in more than fifteen countries. It has its own warehouse, workshop for production of air and own transport.

The president of the company, Eng. Nikolay Konstantinov is a certified specialist "Industrial Heat" - TU "Lenin" - Sofia, Diploma: a series AZ, № 01 759 / 04.14.81 on In 1981/82 his postgraduate in Biao «V» with qualification degree "Engineer specialist in applied mathematics." He has been a student of prof. Stoichkov. from 1982-1999g. The President of Termosyst worked as a designer and chief designer at New Energy Sources - in the Plovdiv branch.

In 1993. Eng. Konstantinov has passed the exams for specialists from DAIKIN and the company «Termosyst» Ltd. had signed a contract and received rights to deal as an authorized dealer of DAIKIN for the Republic of Bulgaria. In 1997 the company president was accepted as a member of ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc., where he continues to be a member and currently Member Number 5167512. Eng. Konstantinov is one of the founders of the BSEHRQ - BULGARIAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS IN HEATING AND REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT and currently a member of the Board of Directors.

1 - Certificates of management systems

Certificates of quality

Certificates for management systems

Termosyst operates according to accepted international norms and rules, which is attested by the attached certificates:

ISO 9001 for quality management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. System Quality Management includes the processes of sales and after-sales service, advice, assistance and training courses. Product quality becomes a more important factor of production and final aim for companies in our branch. In achieving quality it is requiered not only the pursuit of production standards and regulations, but also the creation of professional quality system, which usually requires a substantial change of business processes nowwadays.

ISO 14001 is a certification system for environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001: 2004. ISO 14001 ensures the implementation of an effective system of environmental management and is able to protect people and the environment from the manufacture activity of companies. The problems of protecting and improving the environment and protecting human health is getting more excited over the world and numerous industrial criticized by environmentalists. With the introduction of the certificate of environmental management ISO 14001 environmental cleanliness of production has become its new quality and is positioned as a new product. Termosyst strictly observes and protects the certificates, because for us the quality is what makes us good and what our partners respect us and are working with us with appreciation of our work. And numerous awards recieved to proove this.

Since the summer of 2005, the company has ISO 9001: 2000 and since 2011 - ISO 14001: 2004 / certificate №: 368 260 / by Lloyd's Register Quality management consultancy, design, delivery, installation service and support heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, alternative energy sources, optimization of thermal processes and project management, they are renewed by the company NQA requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and confirmed by the issuance of certificate №: 027 815 / 21.08.2012 valid to 20.8.2015 is also evaluated by NQA to the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2005 and confirmed by issuance of a certificate №: 027 816 / 21.08.2012 valid until 20.08.2015. Since May 2008 the company was certified for design, construction and maintenance of BMS (Building Management Systems) systems by the company SIEMENS. Then in 2019 the ISO certificates were renewed by TQV - certificate number 191010821154 according to ISO 14001: 2015 and certificate number 191010821153 according to ISO 9001: 2015 valid until 20.08.2022. for the following activities: consulting, design, supply, installation and service of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems; alternative energy sources (solar, geothermal and waste); optimization of thermal processes and production of air-pipelines.

Termosyst Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company meeting the requirements of Regulation 842/2006 and certified activities for installation and servicing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. The certificate is valid for 5 years and has recognized the territory of all member states of the European Union. In 2009 specialists of Termosyst LTD have passed exams before becoming representatives of the certifying organization - Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Mechanical Engineering and received certificates recognized well in the EU.

2 - References

«Termosyst" is preferred and reliable partner in the field of their professional registration and activity. As an official distributor of DAIKIN in Bulgaria, the company offers high-tech ventilation systems characterized by high efficiency, versatility, reliability and unmatched quality.

We provide our clients a full range of services, starting from consultancy, design, supply, maintenance and service. Our highly qualified specialists ensure the implementation of the design work on the projects as they are well aware and trained and always find the optimal solution according to the needs and desires of the client.

For our competence, professionalism and excellent service we are witnessed by the many positive reviews from satisfied customers and the accompanying references.

3 - Awards and diploms

«Termosyst" is a multiple winner of the prestigious prize at the national competition "Building of the Year", organized each year by the newspaper «Construction town". The contest is annually involving hundreds of buildings created in the last ten years in Bulgaria, but the professional design and construction of unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for various buildings, "Termosyst» managed to meet all the criteria. When choosing a winner were assessed the overall performance of the building, its exterior and interior architecture, building, construction, layout, benefit to society, environmental impact, interior design.

Thanks to their professionalism and unique solutions our company is constantly rankink on the leading positions for implemented projects in various categories, including hotels, resorts, office buildings, office and industrial buildings, holiday resorts, gyms and buildings. Nine awards for the period 2004 - 2014 year are a result that makes us proud and stimulates us to continue to develop ourselves as a leading company in the field of heating and air conditioning!

4 - Buildings of the year

5 - Certificates of Termosyst

The certificates we possess reflect to our multiple efforts as an authorized dealer of Daikin, aimed at reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. These includes energy efficiency of manufactured equipment, the provision of clean air in air-conditioned spaces, reducing noise and pollution, minimizing waste production at the end of the product lifecycle and others.

Among our awards and certificates are those of Daikin's largest turnover for the years 2003 to 2006 for an innovative project for 2004, 2008 and 2009, as well as the most prestigious project in 2010. «Termosyst» has certificates of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Branch Chamber Mechanical Engineering and Siemens AG.

Among our licenses and qualifications are those of Daikin, of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Heating, cooling and air conditioning and full design capacity - Eng. Kichukov and Eng. Konstantinov.

6 - Certificates of competency and qualification

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