Offices 11
Language Centre of "American University" - Blagoevgrad

Language Centre of "American University" in Blagoevgrad.
The air-conditioning is carried by refrigerated air heat pump systems operating on direct evaporation.

Energy performance of the entire school complex
Heating load 436 kW;
Cooling load 417 kW;
Fresh air 32 718 m2 / h;

Installed equipment:

SKY AIR systems:
RZQ250 2 pcs;
RZQ200 11 pc;
RZQ115 No. 7;
RZQ100 2 pcs;

VRV systems:
RXYQ5 1pc;
RXYQ8 1pc;
RXYQ10 1pc;
RXYQ12 4 pcs;

SPLIT systems:
RXS 5 pcs.



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