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Hotel "Maritza" - Plovdiv

High energy costs on existing air conditioning necessitated the application of alternative new air conditioning system that would allow greater comfort and lower operating costs.
The new air-conditioned hotel is done through HYDRONIC SYSTEMS /Air cooled chillers Heat pumps/.
The new air conditioning provides year-round conditioning facility and showed significantly lower operating costs and protect the criteria for which it was designed.

Installed air conditioning equipment "DAIKIN"

EVWY30HD - 3 pcs.
FWV1L6V1 - 169 pcs.
FWV2B6V1 - 40 pcs.
FWV3B6V1 - 17 pcs.
RYP200B - 1 pc.
RYP125B - 1 pc.
FDYP200B - 1 pc.
FDYP125B - 1 pc.



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