Hotels 23
Hotel "Helena Resort" - Sunny Beach resort

Resort class - 5 stars

Total air conditioned area: 60,000 m²
Total cooling capacity: 3 555 KW
Total heating capacity: 2 514 KW

Type climate system: VRV II /system operating direct expansion with varying amounts of refrigerant/
Inverter heat pump performance
Type system to provide hot water for domestic purposes:
"HYDRONIC" SYSTEM / Air cooled units, heat pump performance / total heating capacity KW-705
Air-conditioned areas: 600 hotel rooms, restaurants, indoor pool, spa center, lobby bar, multifunctional rooms, shops
BMS system: "I MANAGER"
Installed equipment the company "DAIKIN"

Outdoor units:
VRV systems
RSXYP16L- 1 pc.
RSXYP10L- 32 pcs.
RSXYP8L- 13 pcs.
RSXYP5L- 1 pc.

RYP250B- 11 pcs.
RYP200B- 8 pcs.
RYP100L- 1 pc.
RKS60- 1 pc.
RZP100D- 4 pcs.
RZP71D- 1 pc.
RYP71L- 1 pc.
RP100L- 1 pc.
RK35B- 2 pcs.
4MXS68B- 1 pc.

"HYDRONIC" Systems / Air cooled heat pump units enforcement /
EUWYN035AZ- 5 pcs.

"HYDRONIC" systems / water cooled units /
EUW8- 2 pcs.

Indoor units:
FXYBP20K- 420 pcs.
FXYBP25K- 129 pcs.
FXA20L- 34 pcs.
FXA25L- 2 pcs.
FXYSP80K- 1 pc.
FXYMP63L- 2 pcs.
FXYMP100L- 1 pc.
FDYP250B- 5 pcs.
FHYBP71B- 2 pcs.
FTKS60- 1 pc.
FTK35B- 2 pcs.
FTXS25- 4 pcs.
FAYP100B- 1 pc.
FT45GV- 1 pc.
FWH4B- 12 pcs.



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