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Hotel "AQUATONIK" - Velingrad

Hotel complex built in Velingrad, an area famous for its mineral waters. Unique air conditioning, built by refrigerated VRV III systems for the hotel part of vodnoohlazhdaemi heat pump systems for public areas. As a primary coolant for water systems using waste water from household building (mineral and drinking). For backup heating is provided solid fuel boiler.

Energy performance of the building:
Heating load 610 kW;
Cooling load of 320 kW;
Fresh air 37 000 m2 / h;
Hot water for domestic use 4800 kg / h.

Installed equipment:
Vodnoohlazhdasht unit EWWD180 - 1pc;

RXYQ5 - 1 pc;
RXYQ12 - 8;
RXYQ20 - 1 pc;
RXYSQ6 - 1 pc;

SKY AIR U SPLIT systems - 6;
Entalpiyni recuperative units (VAM) - 8;
Management system for air conditioning Intelligent Manager (DAIKIN)



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