Building of the year 2012 AWARD


On the prestigious competition "Building of the Year 2012" organized by "Construction town" and sport complex "Kamchia", the company received the award in the category „sports building". Company "TERMOSYST" proved its professionalism in designing and building unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning for this grand project.



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Eng. Nikolay Konstantinov, "Termosyst": WE APPLY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING
 in HVAC - this is to take full responsibility for the entire process  In the air conditioning, one must work from the analysis and the vacant expectation, to the delivery, installation, gap and post-gap clearance - the rest are half-hearted solutions and partial air conditioning,...
Eng. Nikolay Konstantinov, "Termosyst": Even implemented projects can achieve a high level of HVAC comfort and energy efficiency
- Eng. Konstantinov, "Termosyst" is an expert company in the area of the HVAC sector with an excellent background – let’s talk about your last projects? - As always, we work simultaneously on many projects at the same time. We are a solid company, because we have a...
Termosyst with a focus on sustainable and energy-efficient design and construction
Investors are showing record interest in apartment buildings, and it could have a huge impact on the future of rent. At the same time all developers are seeking a way to build sustainable and energy efficient buildings.                Sustainable real...
Termosyst is a Full Responsibility Company for HVAC solutions
Every successful commercial building needs various components to ensure its stability, functionality, and aesthetic. Aside from materials and heavy machinery, construction projects need skilled professionals to address specific tasks, such as project management, labor, budget and design. ...