HVAC installations provide clean air combined with energy efficiency


Eng. Konstantinov, what are the more specific requirements regarding the provision of clean air and a comfortable atmosphere for hotel and spa projects?

Your question is very correct. There are hotel complexes as a separate unit (business, city, roadside, sea, seasonal, etc.), SPA complexes as a separate units, balneological complexes also as separate units. The combination of the services offered by a hotel with a SPA center and / or balneological procedures under medical supervision is a very complex and interesting task from the point of view of maintaining the air parameters in the “area of comfort ”. I will allow myself to apply an interpretation of the term SPA as it appears in GOOGLE search: "The word SPA (SPA) dates back to the fourth century BC. Then the ancient Romans appreciated the qualities of hot mineral springs and decided that the key to health is water. Ancient mineral springs still exist and help people cope with stress and disease. Today, there are many spa hotels and many of them are easily accessible to anyone who wants to visit them. There are also many spas offering the same treatments as hotels. It is no secret that modernity is full of stress and health problems, and spa treatments can easily deal with this and connect a person with nature.

"TERMOSYST" LTD offers the so-called system engineering with full responsibility for the correct functioning of the air conditioning and ventilation systems and the achievement of full control. The company uses DAIKIN's most innovative technologies (VRV and HYDRONICS), providing quality, reliability and installation flexibility. With our 30 years of experience in the design, delivery and installation of this type of air conditioning systems, we are an undisputed leader in the HVAC branch and already we have more than 1200 VRV systems installed.




Everyone can feel like a drop, part of a huge ocean rising on the crest of a wave, without thinking about anything else. Such a condition is a luxury for modern man, so spa treatments will be useful for anyone who is already exhausted from the abundance of stress. The healing effects of natural resources on the human body are unique. No pill can create the same effect as a spa therapy.

This explains the fact that nowadays visiting spa hotels or centers has become something very modern. In the lives of ordinary people there is a tendency to use different words whose meanings are not known to everyone. This list certainly includes the modern word SPA. There are two versions of the origin of the word. According to one, the ancient Romans used the term Salus per aquam (SPA) and so described the thermal springs, with the help of which they treated various types of diseases or simply gave their body a rest after the endless wars and conquests they waged. This shows that even at that time people understood that man could not live without natural water resources.

The other version claims that the term comes from the name of the famous Belgian city of Spa. In the 16th century, the city of Spa was known all over the world as a destination with mineral springs and a place for rest and recovery of the body's strength, recharging with positive energy, treatment of diseases and prevention. Knowing the origin of the word SPA is good, but it is more important to take advantage of restorative spa procedures to understand the meaning of healing with natural resources and to live in harmony with the nature.

"SPA complex is unique with healing properties of water and it is absolutely necessary to provide it to the client in the quality declared for the respective source. At the same time, they are a carrier of waste heat. The same applies to balneological complexes. The hotel part is a large consumer of heat with its services, which it offers according to its category and bed capacity. A big professional challenge is to solve the very complex complex task of preserving the quality of healing water and using the energy resource for the purposes of the HVAC installations. From the point of view of energy efficiency, this is a resource that, to put it mildly, is unacceptable not to be used as waste heat all year round. Solving energy.

The problem with the emitted harmful emissions during the combustion of traditional fuels also solves another problem. The requirements for maintaining clean air for such facilities do not differ much from those for a hotel without SPA center in the part of domestic services. In the part of water procedures and pools the requirements are very high in terms of temperature, air speed, humidity, noise pressure level. The purity of the air is achieved through various filters and systems for monitoring the purity of certain criteria, changing the ratio of fresh / recirculated air and utilization of waste heat in the air. The mode of use of the various modules in the complex presupposes a modular solution of the installations with different criteria of operation. How and in what direction have the requirements for a healthy environment changed since the global pandemic and what is the place of the HVAC sector?

The HVAC sector always comes first in terms of maintaining air and microclimate parameters for a healthy work, living, entertainment and treatment environment, listening to music, watching movies and many other human activities. One of the main criteria for clean air in a living environment is the presence of fresh air. Its quantity is regulated in many regulations, methodologies and regulations for the design of HVAC installations. It is bad that the unprofessional knowledge of this matter still exists and there are systems with the explanation "TO OPEN THE WINDOW".

Designing ventilation systems is a very complex and time consuming task. During the pandemic, many institutes and companies around the world worked and continue to work on the analysis of the safety of living indoors. The recommendations are "VENTILATE" even with unregulated amounts of fresh air. That's where the recommendations for reduced visitors came from, also reduced number of employees or a total ban on visits. In the presence of ventilation systems, possibly well dimensioned according to the norm, to obtain twice as much fresh air for the remaining ones.

The recommendations are to work on "bypass" mode of ventilation systems with recuperative and regenerative air-to-air heat exchangers. I assume that in the near future it will be necessary to change the norms for fresh air to higher quantities, and for many of the gathering places they will become mandatory. HVAC is the sector that has the most responsible task to solve the problem, keeping all the criteria for comfort, combining them with the requirements for energy efficiency. Various filter systems have been developed and their effectiveness in combating COVID-19 has been proven.

They can also be installed in existing ventilation systems. What are the innovative HVAC technical solutions related to providing clean air, healthy environment and higher energy efficiency that you apply? All that I have described above is embedded in the program of the company "Termosyst" and has been proven successfully for 30 years in our development. Against COVID 19 we applied for a built ventilation system in an entire building - a patented development based on "cold plasma". This technology is already used in modern cars, as well as in some household air conditioners and mobile air purifiers.

Can we illustrate this with the results of projects in the hotel and spa sector, in which you are proud to participate? We are proud of each of our sites built in these 30 years! Because the topic of the present conversation is "hotel and SPA complex", I will proudly mention "Grand Hotel Velingrad", "Aquatonica Velingrad", "Diana Mar" - Pavel Banya, "Starosel" wine and SPA complex. What they all have in common is that the waste heat of the geothermal waters is used completely after their medical and essential purpose. There is also a general lack of chimneys at these sites, as well as at all others, designed and implemented by "Termosyst" for 30 years of private practice. For this purpose it is necessary to design very responsibly - by studying the energy consumption of the individual modules in the complexes and the availability of waste energy resources, to compare during use, and not least, but perhaps one of the main - to have high-quality heat pump equipment and know its operation in detail.

Our very reliable partner for 29 years is the world leader DAIKIN. For each site we build a unique installation tailored to individual needs. The task is optimization and not just providing a standard solution. The general idea is energy savings, minimal operating costs, return on investment to the customer and last but not least environmental protection. Visitors to such complexes should receive a truly quality service based on hot mineral water with proven and controlled healing parameters of the spring. 



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