Termosyst is a Full Responsibility Company for HVAC solutions


Every successful commercial building needs various components to ensure its stability, functionality, and aesthetic. Aside from materials and heavy machinery, construction projects need skilled professionals to address specific tasks, such as project management, labor, budget and design.                       

An architect is responsible for the drafting and design of construction projects. They oversee the creation of every structure that we see today, such as houses, buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities. However, do architects also have other responsibilities besides creating the floor plan and design development?

In addition to their primary role, architects must also ensure that a particular component minimally impacts their intended design and efficiently incorporates it into an existing element, such as HVAC systems.

HVAC units encompass multiple functions inside your building, such as heating, cooling, ventilation, temperature control, and exhaust systems. It comprises various individual parts, and while understanding the use and placement of each can be complicated, the responsibility of architecturally incorporating these elements into the building design falls to the architect.

For more than 32 years, Termosyst has been offering architects and architectural offices modern high-tech design in a 3D environment, compatible with Autodesk Revit, Archicad and other programs used by architects to visualize their projects. The software provided by Termosyst analyzes the possible places of conflict with the structural elements of the building, as well as the spatial arrangement of all installation systems.

The applied software generates actionable documentation down to the level of detail.

For their new sites, the architects will receive highly qualified consultation based on their capabilities and desires to cover various criteria set by the competitive environment.

We offer many variant developments of highly efficient energy installation solutions that contribute to BREEAM & LEED certification of the projects.

We at Termosyst are a Full Responsibility Company, which means that we always take full responsibility for the proper functioning of all HVAC systems and installations built by us.


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